Structure of FINSA Laminate


FinFloor Laminate Composition

Laminate layers: Composition of laminate flooring

Laminate is fundamentally composed of several layers.


Layer 1:

First, the uppermost laminate layer consists of an overlay to protect against wear and tear and a design layer, which depending on the production process is made from one or several layers. The surface coating is composed of a special synthetic resin-treated cellulose to give the floor a tough, durable surface. The decorative layer gives the laminate flooring an attractive appearance.

Layer 2:

Under the decorative pattern is the wooden composite core (HDF).

Layer 3:

At the base on the back of the HDF core you will find a watertight layer that improves the structural stability and serves as a moisture barrier.

All three layers are permanently bonded with resin, heat and pressure. DPL stands for “Direct Pressure Laminate”.

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